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Computer Eye Strain

If you’re looking for something you can easily carry to and from work, or bring with you on vacation, then a lightweight laptop could be in order. Some models, known as 2-in-1s, can be used as a tablet of sorts by bending the keyboard backward and behind the screen using a 360-degree hinge. External hard drives back up your most important files, but what happens when they malfunction? Here’s what to do if your device is not detected in Windows and Mac. Customizing location settings to protect your privacy can be confusing and complicated for the average user. Here’s how to control what Apple and app makers know about your whereabouts.

When writing at the computer, avoid excessive reaching over the keyboard or work materials. A sturdy in-line copyholder can double as a writing surface if appropriately positioned. Use a copyholder positioned in line with your monitor and keyboard. Use a keyboard tray to properly position your keyboard and pointing device. Alternate tasks to make changes in your working position to avoid making the same movements for prolonged periods of time.

These programs and files can quickly turn into performance hogs if they continue to accumulate. As a result, the amount of free storage space can quickly become limited. Cloud storage providers allow you to store gigabytes of space without running down your hard drive memory. Better yet, it allows you to share your files across multiple devices. As you download files throughout the day, transfer them to cloud storage to save space on your hard drive. Computers have different power plans to control how the computer uses power.

You may want to use a desk lamp, but make sure it doesn’t shine into your eyes or onto your computer screen. Another exercise is to look far away at an object for seconds, then gaze at something up close for seconds. This exercise reduces the risk of your eyes’ focusing ability to “lock up” after prolonged computer work. Old-fashioned CRT screens can cause a noticeable “flicker” of images, which is a major cause of computer eye strain.

When using this program, you should, however, be careful not to remove information that is useful. Here is a short video tutorial on how to use the CCleaner. Symantec Endpoint Protection is an anti-virus software that is installed on all UQ computers.

Instead of rushing through, take the time to come up with intentional file names so you always know what’s living on your hard drive and where it’s located. After watching your system running slow with Task Manager open, you may have noticed that your antivirus software is routinely near the top of the list. Antivirus software can slow down your system while it’s actively scanning your computer for malware and viruses. Keep in mind that most computer problems have simple solutions, although it may take some time to find them. For difficult problems, a more drastic solution may be required, like reformatting your hard drive or reinstalling your operating system. If you think you might need a solution like this, we recommend consulting a professional first.

If you filter your programs by size, you can see which ones take up the most memory and decide from there what you can remove. From there, you can open the casing by removing the screws. Instead, use the compressed air canister from step #1 on the inside to avoid damage. You can add rubbing alcohol to the cloth for a deeper clean. For harder to reach areas such as in between the keyboard keys, use a compressed air canister.

Some settings optimize battery life by lowering performance, but High Performance will increase the speed and performance of the computer. Note that this will only work on a desktop, as the HighPerformance setting on a laptop will drain the battery. To keep your antivirus software running properly, you’ll want to do signature updates in addition to software updates. This ensures that your device is protected from new viruses. Many programs allow you to install these signature updates automatically, but if not you should update weekly.

Windows 10 Pro users have an extra asset to protect them against dangerous apps and files. If you enableWindows Sandboxinside the Control Panel, it will create a virtual instance of Windows inside Windows. You can then safely open anything you’re not sure about before introducing it to your actual Windows installation. Once you close out of Sandbox, everything inside it goes away without hurting your computer. For years, the Snipping Tool was the only screen capture software built into Windows, but the Snip & Sketch app has changed screenshots in Windows 10 forever.

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