Mini Netbooks Suitable for Consuming Just about anywhere

10 Best Mini Laptops For 2021

There’s not exactly a set of blanket specifications that make a good laptop because each person has different preferences. Some people simply want the most laptop they can get for a specific price point, while others want the most powerful laptop . Lastly, if you want a touchscreen, you don’t necessarily have to go with a 2-in-1. If you’re not the typing type, a lot of laptops offer touchscreen technology as well.

We haven’t tested it yet, so can’t give you any insights for now. They’re designed so you don’t have to deal with updates, they’re safer against viruses and harmful exploits, and at the same time much simpler to customize and set up to your needs. Nonetheless, if you need to run specific Windows software, games, or plan to use your computer offline for long periods of time, you’ll better go for one of the Windows alternatives we’ll discuss in the next sections.

The mini laptop is equipped with an 11.6-inch display that’s large and bright enough to watch movies and shows. We also like that it’s made with Corning Gorilla Glass, which won’t scratch as easily. What makes the laptop really shine, though, is its extensive battery life.

The kinds of tasks where you’re likely to notice a slow processor the most—editing photos and video or playing games—are things that Chrome OS isn’t good at anyway. If you do need more storage or memory, the CBX2 we recommend has an open NVMe SSD slot and one open RAM slot. Chrome OS has limitations, which we explore more fully in our guide to Chromebooks. Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are good computers if you spend most of your time browsing the internet, watching YouTube videos, visiting social networks, and working in web apps like Google Drive or the online versions of Microsoft’s Office apps. They’re also simpler to use than Windows PCs, they don’t include bloatware, and updates install quickly and silently in the background.

This laptop has received glowing reviews from both Laptop Mag and Wired for its convenient fingerprint sensor, impressive performance, and lightweight design. If you are looking for a laptop of a smaller size, mini laptops are great for you. This post introduces some popular mini laptops and you can take them into consideration.

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